Friday, November 5, 2021

The Studio 180 Design Technique Sheets!

One thing I like about Studio 180 Design is how they expand the ways you can use your tools. Not only through their beautiful pattern but in their Technique Sheets.

Many of you are wondering what a Technique Sheet is? They are single laminated hole punch sheets. Each technique will expand your use of the tools and broaden your skills for more design creativity. Each of the Technique Sheets will provide you with detailed instructions, cutting charts, and drawings.

There are 31 Technical sheets for all Studio 180 Design tools, except for the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star and the Diamond Rects.

Technique Sheet Header

Let's walk through how to read a Technique Sheet. Start at the top of the sheet, and you will see the name of the Technique Sheet. On the right-hand side of the name, you will see stars in a green ribbon. These stars indicate how difficult the technique will be. The stars range is 1 to 5; the more stars, the more complex the technique is. Next, you will see a purple ribbon. This section includes the name and image of the tool is related to that technique.


Under the title section, you learn how to make that particular technique. Each sheet starts with a brief description of the Technique. Next, you find that there are two sections; Cutting and Process. The cutting section is where you find cutting charts and how to prepare your fabric pieces. The process section is where you will learn how to assemble and trim the units.

The trimming includes images showing you how to align your tool on your units. Note, these images are right-handed only due to space on the sheets.

Downloadable Left-Hand Technique Sheets Diagrams

Additional trimming diagrams for Left-Handers are available. They can be found on the Studio 180 Design Download page on their website.

If you are looking for a way to expand your use of the Studio 180 Design tools. Then check out the Studio 180 Design Technique Sheets. They are a way to learn and broaden your quilting skills.

If you need additional assistance with the Studio 180 Design tools and technique sheets. Then check out the Studio 180 Design YouTube Channel. In addition, you can ask a Certified Instructor in your local area. Finally, check out the Precision Block Academy. This academy is designed to teach you the Studio 180 Design tools and Technique Sheets each month.

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