Wednesday, September 16, 2020

A Whole New Studio


For a long time, I wanted to give my sewing studio a facelift, so to speak. I have been wanting to paint and move furniture around so I can have a filming area for videotaping.

 So over the labor day weekend, with my husband's help, we began the process.  I started a couple days before packing and moving all my sewing supplies, fabric, and machines out.  We also started moving the furniture a couple days before, so I could shampoo the carpets.  

Saturday, we began the process by a trip to Home Depot and Lowes to get paint and new trim boards.  Then we started the task of painting. It took a couple of coats of paint.

It starting to look like a whole new room.  The paint makes the room much brighter.  Now to add the trim boards around the room.  I really hated the old dark wood trim that we originally put in place. The new trim boards really add to modern to the feel.  

Now it was time to reset up the furniture in a different configuration. 

I set up the filming area first, then add the other sewing desk for my primary sewing machine.  Next, I added a curtain rod up high behind the filming area to hang a quilt from.

We placed the cutting table on the other side, along with my ironing board stand, after setting up all the lights and camera tripods in between the cutting table and filming table.  We decided we needed to make a filming stand that we could place all the filming equipment on.

So this last weekend, my husband build a 5' x 6' frame that goes across the filming table.  We bought some clip-on tabletop stands for the Led Light stand and a ring light for the camera.  It is sturdy and excellent. We can leave everything set up all the time.  Works perfectly.

Finally, we took one of the Grid walls I used at quilt shows and hung it on the wall.  I then added all my Studio 180 and Sue Pelland tools. 

I'm so happy with my new studio,  now to get back to work and start making more quilts, and taping some video to share with you all.