Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Aztec Dance BOM - Month 1 - Part 2

Welcome back to Part two of the Month 1 block for the Aztec Dance BOM.  If you missed Part One you can catch up HERE

Today, we are making the four Diamond in Square units for the center of our blocks.  

Gather your Tan squares and Accent #1 Strip.

Right Handed

Left Handed

Position the Center Square Section of the Square Squared tool over the Accent #1 strip.  Placing the Square Squared tool on the trimmed edge of the strip, lining up the corner of the strip with the center for the size of the unit. Cut up the side and across the top to get a precise unit. Repeat to make 4 center squares.

Cut the Tan squares on the diagonal once to yield two triangles from each square to Tan triangles.

Position two triangles on opposite sides of the center square. 

Stitch with the square on top of the triangle for best visibility using a 1/4" seam. 

Press seams away from the center square.
Position the remaining two tan triangles on the Accent #1 center square. Stitching two triangles using a 1/4" seam allowance and press seams again away from the center square.

Right Handed

Left Handed
Position the Trim Down Section of the Square Squared tool over the unit. Be sure to refer to your pattern instructions for trim sizes. Focusing the "X" of the finished unit sizes over the sewn seams. Trim up the side and across the top.

Right Handed

Left Handed

Rotate your Diamond in a Square Unit and reposition the Square Squared tool and the two remaining sides. Again, trim up the side and across the top.


Now that all your units are now complete it is time to assemble the units into blocks, referring to your pattern instructions to complete your  4 blocks.

See you on July 15th, for the release of Month 2 and tutorials. Remember, you join our Quilting Affection Designs Block of the Month Facebook Group, to share your completed blocks.  

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  1. Beautiful! These Island Batik fabrics make this quilt stunning!