Wednesday, December 4, 2013

T-Shirt Quilt Order #1

The week before Thanksgiving I received an order for 2 king size quilts from a customer to be finished by December 16th.  The first week of the project I spent working with the customer answering questions and picking out fabric colors.  The week of thanksgiving I was on vacation so the Friday before I left, I ordered the fabric and the interfacing in the hope everything would be here on time.   Last week, while I was on my Minnesota Thanksgiving trip, two boxes of t-shirts arrived.I have also receive the interfacing and expect the fabric today.

Last Sunday I started sorting and preparing the 43 t-shirts for the girls quilt.  It took me a couple days just to sort them and prepare them for the quilt due to the different shirt sizes and decals.  I love a good challenge.

This quilt will be done a little differently from other t-shirt quilts I have done in the past. The reason is due
to the large size of some of the decals on the shirts.  I have 11 shirts that will be sized at a 14"x 19 " and  3 that are 13 1/2" x 19", normally I try for 14" x 14" finished. There will also be some that will be small sized 14" x 8".  

There were a couple shirts that needed some creative touches to due to where the decals were on the v-neck. So what I did was I used the backing of the shirt to fill in the gap.

 A couple of the shirt decals were very small due to they were parts of the backing so I sewed them into a 4 patch design to help them fit in a block.

The shirts are all prepared now, which is great progress.  Last night, I finished the layout design in EQ7. So all I have to do now is put the shirts in the final layout and start sewing the quilt top together.

Now to prepare the T-Shirts for quilt #2!


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