Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More T-shirt Progress!

Yesterday, was a challenging day to get some sewing and quilting in due to we had power outages most of the morning. the power outages were from the freezing rain we got the night before. But I was determine to make some progress on the shirt quilts.  So I cut all the pieces to the binding of T-shirt Quilt #1. Once I got the binding cut out, the power came on long enough for me to get the binding done.   

Since that we had no power again after the binding was done, I could not use the long-arm to quilt T-shirt #1 yet.  So I worked on layout  of T-shirt #2 and getting completed by late afternoon.

After the layout was completed on the design wall and the power had been stable for a good 4-5 hours.  I decide to go ahead and get the quilting done on T-shirt #1 (Brown and Tan).   

By the mid-evening, I had the 106" x 110" quilt done.  My customer asked for double batting on the quilt so I used Quilter Dream Midnight Dream Poly Batting on the quilt.  The quilt will be a nice warm quilt, but the only bad thing about the double batting it makes the quilt real heavy when finished.  

The pantograph was called "Inkblot", from Willow Leaf Studios.

The back came out beautifully, I used a few extra T-shirts in the back toward the top middle.  Also in the backing I used the Tan Marble fabric in the middle and the Dark Saddle Fabric on the each of the sides of the Tan fabric.  

The quilt came out beautiful, so today I was able to the binding on the front of the quilt with help from a friend, thanks Lynn.   Now I get to start sewing the binding on the back while the hockey game is on.

Also, Today, I finished resizing T-shirt  #2 quilt and the cutting all the pieces of sashing, so tomorrow I can sew and hope to get the quilt almost done.  

But now, it is time for binding!


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