Friday, October 8, 2021

Do you know that Studio 180 Design has Free Downables?

This week, I want to cover something that many people don’t know about the Studio 180 Design Website. 

It has a Free Downloadable page.  This page is a great resource, so I thought I would share it with you today.

To reach the Free Downloads page, just click on this link. If you are already on the Studio 180 Design website, click on the menu tab labeled “Free Downloads” under the Studio 180 Design header.

Once you are on the page, you will find many goodies to help you on your quilting journey.

Tool Instructions Section

Starting with the Tools Instruction Sets. If you have lost our tool instructions or want to have PDF Versions of the Tools Instructions, this is the place to find a PDF version of each of the Studio 180 Design tools. I recommend saving each of the tool instructions on my computer, printing a copy, and placing them in protections sheets in a special binder for personal reference. This binder is excellent if you travel or heading to a retreat.


As we move down the page, you will find archives of the BlockBuster blocks. Not familiar with the blockbuster blocks. In that case, they are Free downloadable block patterns that allow you to practice tools and techniques. These blocks are fun to collect and challenge yourself in the making. They are so much fun, so give them a try.  You can also find many of the newer released Blockbuster Blocks on the Studio 180 Design Facebook Page.

Free Downloadable Patterns

You will also find some Free Patterns you can download.  These patterns are fast, easy and range from Tablerunners to Lap Size quilts. They use a variety of tools and techniques.

Left Handed Technique Sheet Diagrams

Like me, are you Left-Handed and wondered why no Left-Handed are cutting and trimming diagrams on the Technique Sheets?  There is just not enough room to fit both illustrations. So they have put the Left-Handed diagrams on another sheet that is free to download and can be found under the Free Patterns sections.  This is another resource you can put in your binder if you are Left Handed.

Assorted Downloads

Finally, at the end of the page, you will find an Assortment of Downloads. These downloads are handy resources that will help you with your projects.  The two most helpful downloads in this section are the Studio 180 Design Unit Guide and the Have It, Want It Product Checklist.  The Studio 180 Design Unit Guide is a fun guide that breaks down each of the Studio 180 Design tools and shows you each tool's basic units and techniques.  I love this guide and use it in my Precision Block Academy when learning about being a Block detective.  The Have It, and Want It Product Checklist is an excellent checklist of all the Studio 180 Design products; they update it a couple times a year.  This is a perfect way to keep track of all the Studio 180 Design products you may want to buy at the next quilt show or from your next visit to the Studio 180 Design website.

If you have done so all ready, I encourage you to check out this Free Download page. This is a great way to learn the tools along with the Studio 180 Design YouTube Page.  If you are looking for more free blocks, check out my free Download Page on my website.  Plus, my Precision Block Academy is a great way to learn a new tool a month, so sign up for my waitlist today, 

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