Friday, September 3, 2021

Why Should I use the Studio 180 Design Tools?

When I started getting back into quilting about ten years ago, I found that I struggled with several areas. First, I was having problems with my points and corners not lining up. Then my finished quilt tops would have fullness in the centers and the borders. Second, I struggled to get my blocks to come out the right size and have everything line up for years. I tried various methods and different tools.

Then around five years ago, I attended one of the Schoolhouse sessions at Quilt Market (Quilt Industry Trade Show) and saw a demonstration of the Studio 180 design tools. I immediately realized that these were the tools I searched for to jump up my quilting game. So the next day, I stopped by the Studio 180 Design booth and watched Deb Tucker demonstrate how to make precision Flying Geese, Half Square Triangles, and many more units. So, when I returned home and tried the tools on a few projects that I was developing. Again, I have to say they were the game-changer.  I started getting perfect points every time using these tools, and I just fell in love with them.

The tools work so well for me. A year after I discovered them, I became a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor. For the past several years, I have been teaching the tools showing students to enjoy the success that I have found.  Recently, I open the doors to my first online membership called Precision Block Academy.  This academy was designed to help students learn the Studio 180 Design tools and techniques but do not have a local quilt shop to teach the tools. Plus, gain confidence in their quilting abilities.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why would I use the Studio 180 Design Tools?”

One of the critical elements that make the Studio 180 Design tools a big success to quilters is that you make all your units slightly oversized and trim them down to a precise size. In doing so, they will fit nicely together when you add them with other units, especially those more advanced ones. When combining precise units with other precise units with a good ¼” seam allowance, your points and corners will naturally line up. An additional bonus is that the fullness in the center of your quilts will go away. The reason is that the blocks will all end up being the correct size.

More Key Features

Each of the tools is designed for more than one size in mind. In addition, you will find each of the tools is designed with several thin diagonals that will allow you to trim multiple sizes for each type of unit.

The tools come with instructions and cutting charts to incorporate the units into other quilting patterns not written for the Studio 180 Design tools. First, you need to know the unit’s finished size, then locate that on the cutting chart for that tool. The chart will give you the square or strip size that is needed to make the unit. In each of the instructions, you will find cutting instructions for both Right and Left-Handed users.

Each of the tools has companion patterns for you to make. In addition, you can find companion patterns written by Studio 180 Design and a few of the Studio 180 Design Certified Instructors, like me

Studio 180 Design makes quilting more effortless for you by making quilting easier by avoiding bias as much as possible. In addition, they provide you with cutting charts and diagrams in their instructions. If you need more help in learning the tools, there are YouTube videos that demonstrate the tools. Plus, lot of Free Downloads for you to practice with. There are also Certified Instructors across the United States, Canada, Netherlands, and Sweden.

Studio 180 Design has also developed a way for you to expand your tools use through Technique Sheets. These single laminated hole punch sheets will expand your use of the tools and broaden your skills for more design creativity.  Each of the Technique Sheets will provide you written instructions and Illustrations, plus cutting charts.

Since using these Studio 180 Design tools, I have found that I have been the biggest game-changer in my quilting abilities.  

Have you used any of the Studio 180 Design tools?  If so, please comment below on why you love these tools and how they have changed your quilting abilities. Look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Yes, I use the studio 180 tools all the time. I have enjoyed them so much. They are worth every penny. I have most all the tools and yes, all the technique sheets. Please keep sharing the good news.