Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Looking for that Ideal Customer!

This week, I have been participating in a 5-Day Get Your Art Out There Challenge through the Creative Passion to Project Facebook.

Today's is Day 3 of the challenge we need to tell about we think is our ideal customer. How old they were? Where they live? What else do they like to do?  

We also need to tell you where we can find this buyer, online or offline?  What are their needs and biggest problems?

Below is what I THINK is my ideal customer and how I can solve for this customers problem.
My Ideal customer will be Female age 50 – 60 with a high school diploma, she may be retired, married and children are out of the house and possibly lives in a small town. 
She enjoys sewing, quilting, cooking, home decor, grandchildren, camping, walking, and social gatherings. 
She is a bargain hunter, values excellent quality services, and goods. She shops mostly local but will shop for great deals online, such as Missouri Star Quilt Company, Etsy, and local quilt shows. 
She will not be buying Amazon, and eBay for her sewing goods. 
She watches her morning and evening news shows, and how to TV Shows. She likes to follow blogs, mostly follows to the blog hops where she can sign up for giveaways for quilting and sewing goods. 
She also loves to subscribe to quilting magazines, such as McCalls,QuiltMakers, and Fons and Porter. Social Media for her will be very limited to just Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook. 
She uses the internet very sparely but does shop, follow blogs and watches YouTube how to’s. 
She does attend small local quilt and church groups regularly. 
She likes to follow Jenny Doan, Alex Anderson, Pat Sloan and Bonnie Hunter. 
She loves to use excellent and high-quality rulers, Patterns and fabric. 
Her most significant influences are based on her past experiences, reviews, friends, and family. 

My solution for this person would be design patterns that will inspire her to quilt; I will produce a high-quality pattern that is easy to follow. I will provide them with blogs and videos on how to makes patterns and blocks. Show off my patterns at Quilt Guild Lectures and workshops, where I will sell my patterns also. Also Selling my patterns at Quilt Shows for her.
Does this describe you? 


you entirely different from this person, then please tell me a little more about you?  

If you can help me figure out who my ideal customer it would be much appreciated and would help me get closer to improving my business!  

Let me hear from you, just leave a comment below.

Thank you,

"Designing to Inspire"


  1. I shared your post to my Facebook page encouraging my readers to share their comments with you.