Friday, February 9, 2018

2018 Master the Rulers : Studio 180 Design BlockBuster 5

I found a tricky block in this week's blockblock block #5: Whirlgig.  

The block uses 4 differant units.  Flying Geese, Picket fence to the left, Picket Fence to the right, and half square triangles. So you will need the following rulers Tucker Trimmer® 1, Wing Clipper® 1 and the Pickets & Quickets Technique Sheet.

I started by making the 2 Flying Geese blocks (Unit A), of the same colors.

Then I moved on to make the Quickets using the other half of the Flying Geese units using the Wing Clipper® 1 ruler.  

First you need figure out which way the slant should point on the picket fence then lay the Wing Clipper® 1 the Half Flying Geese and cut to size.

If you have not made these units before you may want to read the Technique Sheet for the Pickets & Quickets

Also, these can be really tricky and I messed up several times making these units (see the tan and which picket fence).  LOL! 

So, make sure you to pay attention and assure your slant is in the correct direction, when you lay down your Wing Clipper® 1 on the fabric to trim.

Now that they are made it it was time to make the center half square traingles and trim to size using the Tucker Trimmer® 1.  Just need one of each of the colors.

With all the units put together, it was time to assemble the units together.  It was much faster than putting the pickets and quickets together. 

I started the assembly process, by stitching one corner at a time.

Once all the corners where done I started stitching the all the corners together.

Now to stitch the rows together.

This 9" Whirligig block is a really cool looking when finished.

If you are new to the blog check out the previous made blocks in this challenge, HERE

Have a wonder quilting weekend!

"Designing to Inspire"

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