Monday, May 22, 2017

Spring Market 2017

Last Week, I attended Spring Quilt Market in St. Louis. This was my second Spring Market, but my third overall Quilt Market.  I had several reasons for going to this market.  First of all, I had 2 quilts hanging on the showroom floor, so I want to see them. Secondly, I want to learn and lastly, I want to try to make a few more contacts.

Learning began at quilt market started on Thursday with Schoolhouse.  This was my first Schoolhouse I have attended.  You need to arrive early on school house day to plan your day.  Once you have a planned your day, you are ready.  The first session of schoolhouse began with Moda, introducing their new William Morris Collection.  They had a great historical background on William Morris from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.  After the presentation and opening of the schoolhouse, we received a great handbag with charms packs and a pattern to make a cute little a table runner. 

Once we were done with the first session we had ten minutes to the get to the next session. My second session was with Studio 180 designs, learning what was up and coming with Deb Tucker and her rulers.  Wow! they had some fabulous quilts.  Makes me want to start playing more with their rulers also. 

These were just a few of the quilts in the session.

I not going to talk to about all my session so I will highlight few of my favorites.

The next session I will highlight is Bloc_Loc Ruler.  Janna and Paul Thomas announced their new book and ruler Kaleidoscope. Wow!  I again their quilts was fantastic. Looking forward to playing with the new ruler.

 I attended a few of the Island Batik Sessions.  Tammy Silvers introduced her first ever fabric collection "Batiks Go Retro!"  Her first session was talking about what you can to with making bags with her collection. And her second session was on her patterns.  

I also added a session on some of the Creative Grid Rulers, and Social Media. The schoolhouse is a lot of fun and I learned a lot and one a few prizes through the day. 

At the end of the day, I had a great seminar Social Media Marketing 2.0 by Morna McEver Golletz. It was great to learn how to make social media work for my business.

My second day was the opening of the market floor.  The doors opened at 9:30, it was nice to get there early.  I like to start the first row and work to the other end.  I would stop in several booths, to introduce myself to people I have communicated with via email.  It is always nice to put a name and face together.  

I finally made it down to the Island Batik Booth. I saw my quilts as started down the aisle.  I was too excited.  My Patterns made their debut, now let me introduce you.  I will start taking orders here shortly. So sign up for my newsletter, blog or Social Media to get notified when they are available.
Octagon Gems


Seeing my quilts was just fun and great, plus I got to meet other designers and Island Batik folks.  

That evening I attend another social media with EESchneck.  I was very informative. 

Saturday morning, before flying back I attended a fabulous Seminar with Kelly Ann Richardson a local shop owner from my area.  She was talking about How Quilt Shop Owners and Designers can work together.  I wish there were more classes like this.  I learned a lot of information from this class and will be starting to work on a lot of this shortly.  

Over the Spring Quilt Market for 2017 was great from me, I think I accomplished everything I wanted to do and came with lots of goodies.  

Have a great day! Now to get some quilting done.

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