Wednesday, August 10, 2016

EQ7 - How to add a Binding to your Quilt Block!

Borders Tab

Have you ever wonder if you can add a binding in EQ7, well the answer is “YES” and it very simple to do.
Step 1: Once you get a quilt to the finishing point, go to the borders tab.
Step 2 : Highlight the last border on the outside.  For Example in this quilt it will be border 3
Move to outer border!
Step 3: Shrink last Border by ¼” (0.25).
Adjust size to remove 0.25" from last border!
Step 4: Add one more border, then resize to ¼” (0.25).
Add new border!

Step 5: Go back to Layer 1 and color in the binding.  It will be hard to see but it is there. r example has been zoomed in.

No Binding Color

Colored Border!
Adding a Binding to a quilt can be really easy, now give it a try in your next quilt top.

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  1. I also thoroughly enjoy auditioning colors and fabrics for binding in EQ7. Plus, it is so easy to treat it as a border, when you need to use EQ7 to plan fabric requirements that include binding.