Sunday, July 10, 2016

EQ7 - Showing and Hiding Quilt Layers

EQ7 provides 3 separate design layers that provide flexibility and important design features in constructing your quilt layout.  With each layer serving a separate purpose in the quilt designing process.  You can locate the layer tabs at the bottom-left on your quilt worktable.

Layer 1 is for photos and blocks, Layer 2 is for applique, motifs, blocks, photos and text, and Layer 3 is for photos, embellishments, and stencils.

When a layer is selected you will notice that the tab will turn white, the rest will remain grey.

EQ7 enables you to isolate the layers you are working on by turning on the “Light Bulb” icons. To turn on the “Light Bulbs” you will have to open your Quilt Worktable Option.

Click on QUILT, then from the drop-down select Quilt Worktable Options at the bottom of the drop-down.

After you have selected the Quilt Worktable Option, will see the Quilt Worktable Option open in the middle of your screen. 

From under the Tool Options, select View Settings, which opens to View settings. 

Under the Layer Icons, you will see checkbox.  Click the Checkbox to select the option "Provide icons to show and hide quilt layers" this will turn on the “Light Bulb” to show and hide the layers.  Then Select “OK”.

You will now notice on the Layers tabs that small “Light Bulb” icons have been placed on them.

To toggle hide or turn on the visibility of the layers, just click on the “light bulb” on the layer tabs you want to make invisible.

Click on Layer 2 and 3 light bulbs and you will see only the contents on Layer 1 only.

Layer 1 Only
Turn off layer 1 and turn on Layer 2 once again you will see Layer 2 contents.  You will notice that layer 1 is now transparent.

Layer 2
Turn on all layers and you will see your design all together.

Layer 3
Quilt design process can be made easier with working with each layer independently, and being able to toggle them off makes it even easier to work with and isolate layers. I really suggest if you have not turned on this handy Icon; to do so.  Give it a try!

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Have fun Designing!

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  1. Great tutorial. I had no idea this functionality existed. Thanks for sharing. Going to be very helpful. Great way to celebrate the #EQ25 anniversary too.