Friday, June 10, 2016

EQ7 – Create Fast Easy Designs

When designing with EQ7, there is a fast and fun way to achieve various combination of blocks by flipping and rotating all of them at once.  The Symmetry Tool allows you to do this; it automates flipping and rotating all the blocks simultaneously.

The tool can be found on the right side tool bar under the rotate and flip tool.  

Note: this tool is only available on Layer 1 and also all blocks must be asymmetrical blocks. 

Step 1: From the Quilt Worktable, set your blocks in the quilt.

Step 2: Click on the Symmetry Tool.  Hold the CTRL key and click on the quilt. The tool is capable of producing 16 variations of the quilt designs, the 17th click will return to the original setting.

Examples of some of the random combinations.

 Step 3: Click on Add to Sketchbook when you find a layout you like.

 Best Effect 
  Horizontal layouts with no sashing
Click to affect all blocks in the quilt (use the ALT + Click for alternating blocks)

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