Friday, October 23, 2015

Road trip to Houston!

Wednesday started a two day road trip to Houston, Texas for me and my husband.  The car was packed full of quilts, display items, and patterns for the Quilt Market. That morning we left at 5am est time to start our first day of our adventure.  We traveled through Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.  Traffic was easy until we hit Atlanta, but the traffic was not as bad as it was normally is the DC area.  Atlanta has some cool, tall buildings. It was 8pm before we stopped for the night in Mobile, Alabama. 

The next day we got up early again to hit the road, we want to get into Houston between 12pm and 2pm CST time.  This leg of the trip we traveled through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.  We arrived at the convention center little after 1:30pm, which was great because the rest of the group we are working with had just arrived also.  
We started in right way starting to set up the booth areas.  Laying floors and hanging curtains, placing table clothes.  Then we separated to our little sections and set up our areas.  I signed up for 6ft section (now wishing I had a bigger section).  I was put in the middle of 2 other designers that had smaller sections. Luckily, we did a dry run days before at home, so I picked up more supplies for display options.  The dry run helped and made it much easier to set up our area.  

The area came out beautiful and amazing, i think we will have to see what the response is when the show opens tomorrow.  
Today, we went back to the Convention Center to help with more setting up and we will see what else happens.

If you are the International Quilt Market this weekend please stop by our booth #1445, we would love to see you.


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