Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kansas City Star BOM #6!

Kansas City City Star BOM #6Looks, like I forgot to post yesterday, sorry!  I got involved with a new quilt pattern, I'm developing.  Anyway, here is the post I wanted to write about yesterday.

I just got caught up on the blocks on all the Kansas City Star Block of the Month.  I finished Block 6 - "Designs for the Young at Heart" Printed in July, 1977.  This block uses 3 different Fabrics and is made of rectangles, squares, flying geese, and chevron pieces.

Kansas City City Star BOM #6I started with making all the pieces to make the block. Kansas City City Star BOM #6First was the 4 flying geese units.  Then it was on to the chevron pieces, making 4 also.

Kansas City City Star BOM #6Once I had them assembled, I then assembled the two block together, with the flying geese units on top of the chevron units and press toward the flying geese. 

Kansas City City Star BOM #6Now, that I have the 4 units done, I can now start to assemble the whole block.  I start with laying out the blocks, this helps with the assembly process.  Once they are all layout I sewed them all the rows together on by one, making 3 rows.  Then after the 3 rows are made, I then assembled them together.  After Pressing the Block is now complete.

Kansas City City Star BOM #6Now, I am half way done with the blocks.  I think this is going to be a great quilt when finished.

Well it is time to get back to work, hope you all have a great day sewing and quilting.

Live, Inspire and create,


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