Friday, May 4, 2018

2018 Master the Rulers: Studio 180 Design Blockbuster #17

If you want to get familiar with using the Studio 180 Design Corner Pop® Tool, then I suggest making blockbuster #17 Salem Star.  I brought out the bright colors from my Island Batik stash once again for this block.

To start out with make 4- Unit A's, which calls for 4 1/2" base squares. Then referring to my instructions for the size of squares I need for replacing the corner with, I cut diagonally once to make triangles.

Now using my Corner Pop® Tool I lined up the tool in the corner of my square and cut along the diagonal line, I replaced that corner with one of the triangles just cut out above. 

Now, you will notice my replaced corner is oversized. I will use the trim down side of the Corner Pop® Tool and line it up on the 2" mark and trim around it.

 I repeated the above steps on the opposite corner. Then I did this three more times to make 4 unit A's.

Next, I made the B and C units, starting with cutting 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" base rectangle units.  The difference between the B and C Units is where I replaced the corner units for the left side and right side. 

For the Unit, B's, cut away the top inner left corner and C's, the top right inner corner and replace with the color you choose and trimming away the extra fabric using Corner Pop® Tool.

Next, I started cutting out the corners to replace them, just like have done before.

Now my Unit B and C's are ready to be stitched together.

Nifty way to make a chevron unit. Now all my units are ready to go.

Time to finish the block by sewing my pieces together.

My bright and cheery Salem Star block is done. I'm ready to start the next block that uses the Corner Pop® and V Block® Tool


"Designing to Inspire"

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