Friday, January 19, 2018

2018 Challenge Master the Rulers: Studio 180 Design BlockBuster 2

Hello Everyone, I can't believe it is Friday already. This week has been busy, but I didn't forget to make my BlockBuster Block for this week.

This week, I made BlockBuster#2 Crowning Glory.  Before, I could make the block I needed to order a few things such as technique sheets from Studio 180.   So I looked through all the upcoming Blockbuster and placed my order last week.  So glad my order came a couple of days ago, I need the Shaded Four Patch TechniqueSheet.

I decided to make my Crowning Glory an 6” Finished Block size again this week. For the assembly of the block it requires three different units, Unit A is a Shaded Four Patch, Unit B is a Quarter Square Triangle, and Unit C is Square.

Shade Four Patch

Unit A the Shaded Four Patch unit, I needed to refer to the Shaded Four Patch Technique Sheet for the cutting chart sizes, and instructions, since this is a new technique for me. 

After referring to the cutting chart on the Technique Sheet.  Start by cutting strips, one will be narrow (square), and the other is wider (triangles).  

Stitch the strips together, press and sub cut to the size of the narrow strips. 

Then take two of the cut pieces and stitch them together along the long side, assuring you align them to the narrow strips are opposite ends.

Press the unit open and with a ruler mark two 45 degree lines.  

Align and center the unit on a large rectangle.  Stitch on the lines, then cut 1/4" from the stitch line on both units.

Press the units open and trim using the Tucker Trimmer 1 to size for the unit.

I have completed 4 Unit A. The shaded Four Patch unit was an easy and fun technique to learn.

Unit B - Quarter Square Triangle unit is the same as I  did last week, so I made four units and trimmed them to size with the Tucker Trimmer 1.

Unit C was just one square so now it was time to layout the units and assemble them together.

Once the units are all together, it turns out to be this beautiful block called, Crowning Glory. This block was easy and cool technique

See you next week with Block #3


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