Monday, April 10, 2017

Simple and Precise Half Rectangle Triangle with Bloc_Loc Rulers!

I love working with Bloc_Loc® Rulers!  I have been using them for about 5 years now.  I first fell in love with the half square triangles and the flying geese rulers.  They have helped my piecing so much.  Last year, I began designing patterns using the rulers.  I have two more patterns getting ready to be released next month at Spring Market.  These patterns will feature the half-square triangles, flying geese and the half rectangle triangles Bloc_Loc® rulers.  

So with the preparation for their release, I decided to put this little tutorial together to show you how easy the rulers are to use by making half rectangle triangles (HRT).  

HRT A and B Rulers!
When you buy the half rectangle triangle (HRT) rulers you receive two ruler’s A (left) and B (right).

Get to know your ruler!

You will notice that all the Bloc Loc® Rulers have grooves on the backside of the rulers, these grooves lock on to your seams allowances. These grooves help keep your ruler from moving around and makes trim precise.  

Logo and Letter on opposite side of seam allowance.

With all Bloc Loc® Rulers, you can press your seams in either direction, but they will not work with open seams. When the ruler is placed on the seam allowance and locked into position the logo is always on the opposite from the seam. 

Once the Ruler is placed and locked on the seam allowance all you have to do is slide the ruler to you desired measurement.  No need to pick it up, just slide it along the seam allowance.

Prepare your rectangles

Start preparing by cutting all your rectangles to size.  For this tutorial, I cut all my rectangles to 3” x 6” to be trimmed to 2 1/2” x 4 1/2” units.  You will have oversized rectangles, this will be trimmed later.
Layer with right sides up!

 Layer each of the cut rectangles with right sides facing up.

Ruler A units

Cut diagonally bottom right to upper left corner!

One rectangle yields 2 triangle sets

For the A (Left) Ruler units the layered pair and cut diagonally from bottom right to the upper left corner.  Each pair of rectangles yields 2 triangles sets.

Re-arrange the triangle sets so they are laid-out how they will look when finished.

Offset by an 1/4"
Flip each of the orange triangle onto a purple triangle so that right sides are together and making sure orange is offset by a 1/4”.  Repeat for the other set.

Stitch a ¼” seam for each set for each set.

Press seams to one side or the other according to your pattern.

Trim using Ruler A
Trim by placing Bloc_Loc® Ruler A on top of the HRT units so that the units seams locks onto the grooves.  Once you have the ruler locked into the seams you can then slide the ruler along the seam allowance to get your desired measurement. 

Trimmed A units

Ruler B units

Ruler B is done the same way, with just a few things changed.

Cut diagonally from bottom left to upper right corner
Yield 2 triangle Sets
Cut the layer right sides up rectangles, diagonally from bottom left to upper right corner.  Yielding 2 triangle sets.

Re-Arrange the triangles sets so they layout how they look finished.

Offset by a 1/4"!
Flip each of the orange triangle onto a purple triangle so that right sides are together and making sure orange is offset by a ¼”.  Repeat for the other set.

Stitch 1/4" seam and press!
Stitch a ¼” seam for each set. Press seam to one side or the other.
Trim using Ruler B

Trim HRT units using the Bloc_Loc® Ruler B, and trim to the specified size.  
Repeat for the other units.

You now have made easy half rectangle rectangles that are precise.

The Bloc_Loc® Half Rectangle Rulers come in assorted sizes:

2:1 Mini (2.5 x 4.5) Industry Standard
2:1 Large (4.5 x 8.5) Industry Standard
3:1 Mini (2.5 x 5) * Specialty Ruler*
3:1 Large (3.5 x 9.5) *Specialty Ruler*
4:1 (3.5 x 12.5) *Specialty Ruler*

If you would like to download the directions and cutting chart, click HERE!

Also If you prefer to watch a video on how to make these units, click below

Check out the Bloc_Loc® website for all their cool rulers.  All the rulers have great videos for you to learn how to use them.  

To purchased the Bloc_Loc rulers go to their website or check your local quilt store.

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