Saturday, December 10, 2016

EQ7 Quilt Worktable Snap Grid Feature

The Custom Set provides a large area for placing blocks of different sizes.  The block sizes can be adjusted to any widths and heights.  These various blocks can be placed and aligned anywhere inside the quilt center.  

When designing with a Custom Set you can use all 3 layers.  Layer 2 will allow you to float applique elements and Layer 3 is for your quilting stitches. These layers allow us to multiply your design possibilities. 

One of the wonderful features of the Custom Set is the Quilt Snap Grid. This grid allows blocks to snap for the best accuracy when layout a custom set grid.  Just like if you were drawing on a piece of graph paper. This feature can be used in all 3 layers of the Quilt Worktable.  EQ7 gives you the ability to change the Grid Snap Settings.

There are three grid snap settings that can be changed in the Quilt Worktable Options.

There is two ways to locate the Quilt Worktable Option you can get there by clicking on the Quilt > Quilt Worktable Options. Or by clicking on the Quilt Worktable Options button (Button pictured below) found on the project tool bar. 
Under the Tools Options Click on Snap Settings, then under Grid Settings, you will notice 3 checkboxes corresponding to the 3 buttons on the Graph Pad. Below are the explanation of what the three checkboxes do.

Snap Grid Setting

Show Grid (Custom Set): allows you display the grid on a new Custom Set quilt. 

The grid increments can be changed on your grid by using the Grid Snap every: drop down arrow and choosing a different increments.  Please note that the program can only “draw” so many grid lines on the quilt layout.  So if you don’t see grid lines that doesn’t mean that they are not there.
Grid Snap Every
Below show the grid set up for every ¼” apart. 

It’s recommended you turn on the Quilters Ruler just Click View > Quilters Rulers to put a check next to it and this will turn on the ruler. 

Once the Quilters Ruler you may want to verify your Quilters Ruler Origins in the Quilters Worktable Options.  Under Tool Options > Click View Setting > Select Top left Corner of Quilt’s center layout so it will match the Graph Pad.

Snap block position to Grid: When moving a block, motif, stencil, embroidery, applique text with the adjust tool, the upper-left corner of the block snaps to the grid when released.

Below is an example of the block position grid turned OFF position, you will notice that the block didn’t line up to exact zero position.

Note: The position can be found on the Project tool bar.  It will be the first set of numbers.  The side arrows will move your block horizontally or vertically.  

Grid OFF
The next images shows you with the Snap Block Position Grid turned ON.  Once the position of the block was done is made the blocked into position automatically.

Grid ON

Snap block size to grid: When drag the corner or side handle of a block, motif, stencil, embroidery, applique text or photo with the Adjust tool the size will snap to the grid when released. Remember this button doesn’t affect how the block is set on the grid, only the size while adjusting with the Adjust tool.

Adjust Tool
Example 1 – Show the Snap Block Size to Grid button turned OFF. The Snap Grid is now set to 1”. You will notice that there will be NO snap to the nearest grid multiple of 1, the size was left hanging in between the grid lines.

Example 1
Example 2 – Show the Snap Block Size to Grid button turned ON. The Snap Grid is still set to 1”. You will notice that once the adjust tool was released that there was snap to the nearest grid multiple of 1 the size, block size was now 4” x 5”. 

Example 2

The quilt snap setting, can be a powerful tool when you are design any custom quilt projects.  Understanding how the settings can make your project more precise.  Please remember to refer to your user manual Chapter 5 for more information on these tools.

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  1. Excellent tutorial on grid snap, making this feature very simple to adopt. Thank you.


  2. I have bookmarked this tutorial, great lesson on a really misunderstood feature of the software.