Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Island Batik "Winter Wonderland"

When trying to come up with a idea for the this months Island Batik "Winter Wonderland" project and was having a hard time.  Then late one night, I thought about my old Christmas stocking in a box out in the shed with the other decorations.  mice had started eating on the toe a couple years ago, I needed a new one, but was attached to that stocking.  My mom had made it for me when I was kid.  So there was some sentimental value with that stocking hole and all..

I decided to I was going to make me a new stocking this year and needed a pattern to make it from.  I took my old stocking and traced a rough outline pattern of it on a piece of paper.  When drawing out the pattern I decided I want to add a toe and heel patch to it also.  

With the pattern made, I went to my Island Batik box and dug out some strips of reds, greens and gold.  I trimmed the strips that where cut crooked into 2 1/4" strips.   Sewed the them together into long strips, And then cut them again into 2" strips and then sewed them together in to make a patchwork affect to my stocking.  

I then drew the outline of my stocking pattern on my rows of fabric with a piece of chalk, also drawing in where the toe and heel would be placed.  The toe and heal were made with pieces of red and green and blanket stitch in place.

I stitched in the ditch with my sewing machine. Which gave it a quilted look and puffiness. I decided to use my embroidery machine attachment on my Bernina and Embroidered my name on a piece of red fabric that matched the back of my stocking.

After sewing them all together.  I turned them right sides out and pressed lightly around the outer edges.  
Finally, added my little name decoration and my bell from my old stocking to my new stocking. 

Now, I have a new stocking that will get hung each year.  I still have my old one, I know the mice chewed on it a little but I still want to keep for sentimental reasons.

Thank you for stopping!  I hope you all have a great and thankful Thanksgiving.