Friday, November 22, 2013

Coaches Gifts!

This week has been busy working on small, complicated quilts.  My friend and her son asked me to make some custom gifts for his the schools cross country team coaches.  After working with her over several days, I was able to design the gifts with school logos, running quotes, photos and other things related to cross country.

The quilts were made with Moda Marbles fabric using school colors and measured 24" x 24" finished. 
It took me and my husband most of Saturday morning to make design everything in the embroidery software on the quilts.  Then on Sunday I started sewing all the embroidery designs out, and took me 3 full days to embroidery everything out for all three quilts.

My husband cleaned up the photos for me.  So all I had to do was print all the pictures out on fabric paper.

By Wednesday, afternoon I had all the borders on all 3, and was loading them on the longarm for quilting.

The quilting was just a basic stitch in the ditch work.  Which was done yesterday.  I added the binding and now I just need to finish sewing the other 2 quilts binding to the back and they will be complete.

Well, the other two will have to wait until I return from Thanksgiving.  When I get back, I will have a few T-shirts quilts to make for a customer.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and is safe.


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