Friday, November 15, 2013

Bike Memory Quilt Finished!

Today, I finished a special project that I have been wanting to do for awhile.  I have had a pile of Mountain Biking T-shirts in a box that my son left me before he left for his duty station this summer.  He asked me to make him a wall size T-shirt Quilt for him.  

So after looking through several layouts, I designed a layout in EQ7.    I came out with this design.  

This design cuts the shirts down to 14 1/2" with 2" sashing in between each of the blocks.  The bottom right side has 4 blocks sewn together to make the big block.  I really didn't have 9 shirts, so I had to figure out something for there, so I found a picture of my son and his bike team and printed it on fabric paper, and added borders around it. 

The top measure as 61" x 61", I have found a nice red/black marble fabric for the backing, just need to prepare it and quilt this one.

This Memory T-shirt quilt top turned out nice for him.  I cant wait for him to see this.


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