Friday, September 24, 2021

Studio 180 Design Challenge Block Reveal

Over the last couple of months, several of the Studio 180 Design Certificated Instructors, including myself, have been participating in a Block Exploration Challenge.  Each month we design a block using a Studio 180 Design tool or technique, and every week we reveal a piece of the block on our Instagram pages.  

This month's blocks challenge was to design and make a block around the Shaded Four Patch.  This is a fun little Technique by Studio 180 Design

I decided to design my block, which I'm calling Entangled Octagon, to use this technique with a little kick. I chose to experiment a little with the large triangle to give it another look.

The fabrics I used in the project were from the Spotted Collect from Moda and white background color for a little background color. 

Started off making four rectangle blocks for the middle of the outside rows.  

Next, I made my shaded four patch units. Again, everything is the same when making the units, except the last stitching step. Where instead of one solid piece of background, I added a pieced rectangle.

I started by making a strip set and pressing to the wides strip. 

Folded the strip set in half and cut the folded end to make 2 strip sets.

I paired the two strip sets right sides with the narrow strips on opposite sides, so each narrow strip lays over the wide strip.  Subcut the pieces.

Stitched the layer pair sections down the long side and snipped in the middle to allow the seams to press naturally. 

Using a ruler, I marked two 45°  sewing lines that run through each of the corners of the squares.

Paired the pieced rectangle with the shaded patch rectangle and stitched on the lines.

Trimmed each side of the stitching lines a 1/4" and press the seams to the pieced triangle.  This makes blocks that are mirrored images on the pieced triangles. Fun right!

Trimmed the units to correct size using my Tucker Trimmer tools.

Layout out the block and stitched it together. Pressing the seams open. 

Once you are done your block will look like this.  This was a fun experimental block, thinking some patterns maybe coming soon.

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  1. Love this block. Haven't quite figured out the shaded four patch blocks but will try them.