Friday, February 23, 2018

2018 Master the Rulers: Studio 180 Design Blockbuster 7

As you are reading this blog post I'm down in Hampton, Virginia enjoy some time with my husband at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show.  I love going to this show, it is one of the biggest shows in this area.

Blockbuster #7 -Whimsy Turndash is a fun block and I learned new tricks using the Square SquaredⓇ this week.  The Whimsy Turndash uses the Tucker TrimmerⓇ 1, Square SquaredⓇ, and the Little House technique sheet.

The block size I will be using this week is a 9" Block, we are making three units: the square in a square, little house, and half square triangles.  The little house technique is a fun unit and was a new technique for me.

So let's get started with making the Square in a Square unit.  They are just like the ones I showed you in last week’s blog post on Blockbuster #6. If you missed you can check it out Here.

The next unit requires the Little House Technique Sheet by Studio 180 Design and is a companion sheet for the Square SquaredⓇ ruler.  This technique was new to me but overall, it was straightforward and fun to make.  The technique sheet walks you through the cutting instructions and how to make the units.

You start with two small and one large square, cut to size for the unit you will be making.

You need to draw at least one line down the middle on the reverse side of the smaller squares.

Position one of the smaller squares on one of the corners of, the larger square making sure that right sides are together. 

Stitch on the marked lines down the middle of the smaller square. Trim away 1/4" away from the stitched line and press open.

Now, for the next side, I had a little fun and learned a cool trick to make some half square triangles at the same time.

On the remaining small squares for the other side of the house unit. I drew a secondary line 1/2" away from the center line, so we have two sewing lines.  

Place a small square in the corner next to the one you just stitched.  Stitch on the two drawn lines.

Trim down in the middle of the two stitched lines. Now press both of them open. 

You now have small half Square triangles to use for a something fun to create.  I needed to pick up the Tucker TrimmerⓇ II, this week at the Quilt Show to finish trimming my half square triangles.

Anyway, back to the house units you will then use the Square SquaredⓇ Ruler to trim the units to size.  The trimming is very similar to how you trim the Square in the Square units.

Now the units are made it is time to assemble the block.  Starting assembly of each of the rows first.

Now, the rows are stitched together it is time to sew the rows together.

Now Blockbuster #7 - Whimsey Turndash is now complete.  I love the colors in this block.  

Next week, I will be making Blockbuster # 8 - 54-50 or Fight block, which is using the V BlockⓇ Ruler.  I love making the V Block units so it will be fun.

Talk to you next week, and remember if you have missed the first six Blockbuster blocks you can catch up HERE.

Have a great weekend of Creating!

"Designing to Inspire"

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