Friday, January 6, 2017

Welcome to 2017!

Welcome to 2017!

As I look back through 2016, I have to say I was truly blessed with new a beginning for me personally and continued growth for Quilting Affection.  Personally, 2016 was a lifestyle changing journey to lose weight and get healthy.  My new lifestyle allowed me to lose 50+lbs, as of today.  I’m healthy and have tons of energy to work on my pattern designs, and exercise. I have also found a love of hiking.

As for Quilting Affection, I made several decisions that took my pattern designing business up a notch. I was truly blessed to be accepted as an Island Batik Ambassador and pattern designer for them.  Timeless Treasure Fabrics also accepted a couple of my patterns.  In addition, a few patterns I put out this year are designed to use Bloc_Rulers.  I also expanded out and began Teaching EQ7 and offering Trunk Shows.

In 2017, I have several goals for the business and myself.  Personally, I want to hike parts of the Colorado and Appalachian Trails.  Also I want to help others learn how to change their lifestyles and get healthy.  Then I want to set aside time to work on Unfinished or Unstarted Quilting Projects.

As for the business, I have several goals and have already started a few. 

  • I want to be more active on the Social Media, Newsletters, and Blogs for the business. 
  • Design a couple patterns a month to be published in the future or in magazine publications.
  • Make my business name more known and respected.
  • Vend at more Local Quilt Shows in the Virginia and Maryland area.
  • Expand my teaching and talking to guilds and other quilts.
  • Learn more about how grow my business.
  • To keep working with Fabric Companies to highlight there fabrics.
  • Finish some personal quilting
The first change that I have done to help my business goals is update my Business name: As of January 1st “Quilting Affection” is now “Quilting Affection Designs".  The reasoning of the name change is to distinguish myself as a Pattern Design Business instead of a quilt store.  Also I have changed the logo to have a more professional appearance.

I will keep you all posted on our progress on these goals throughout the year.  I hope you all have a good 2017 and all your quilting goals come true.


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