Friday, June 7, 2013

Just Needs Borders

I have been working hard on the tulip quilt.  The last couple days I have been putting the whole thing together.  What a time consuming process, making sure that everything lines up and doesn't stretch on me. 

Yesterday, I got it about have way done, so all I had to do today to finish the main part of the quilt was to finish the other half.

Now that I finally got the main part of the top done, I just have to figure out my borders, which mean a trip to the fabric store, yeah!!!! I will also look for a nice backing for it. 

Today,  I ordered the batting and the thread I need to for quilting.  So all I have to do figure out now is how I want to quilt it,  I have some good ideas and just to put them all together.  

Also, need to start to think about my next project.


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