Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Journey to Nebula Quilt Aong - Seaside - Assembly

Week 2 of the Journey to Nebula Quilt Along. This week we are to sew our Seaside diamonds that we cut out last week.  If you missed last week post of how I cut the diamond shapes out with my Studio 180 Design Star 60 tool, you can check out that post right here.  

Trimming the Tips:

Before we begin I want to show you how to trim the tips of the diamonds using your Star 60 tool.

Right Handed
Left Handed

Place the diamond on the mat so the diamond lays on its side. Position your Star 60 tool on the diamond so the 4 1/2" line sits on the bottom of the diamond.  Trim the tip off.

Next, rotate your unit 180° and place the Star 60 tool on the diamond once again, aligning the 4 1/2" lines again and trim the tip off.

Now your diamonds are ready to assembled together easily by just aligning with right sides together and assuring to align the tips to the other diamond.


Note, I choose not to trim the tips of my diamonds, so the rest of this blog will show you how to stitch your SeaSide tablerunner together with the tips still on your diamonds.  

Start by laying out our diamonds into rows. Arranging the diamonds in the order of which I want the colors to be placed with the background colors in between.

After they were all laid out I started to sew the diamonds together.  I choose to sew my rows one at a time, by pairing two diamonds together at a time. Start by flipping one of the diamond on top of the other with right sides together.  Slide the tips of the diamonds roughly a 1/4" inch up so you can see the bottom diamond tips.  If you choose to remove your tips of your diamonds the alignment is a lot easier and you just align the edges right side together and start stitching.

Once the pieces are sewn, I then press the seams open with my iron. I like to use the hot steam to press those seams open.

Then continue sewing all our diamonds together to get 5 diamonds across. Remembering to overlap those tips slightly and to press the seams open.

The first row is now complete.

I laid each row out the way I want to sew them into the tabletopper.

Now, to sew the rows together I decided to sew two rows together at a time. I left all the dog ears on each of the rows because this help in lining up the diamonds.

Press each row's seams open.  Then assembled all the rows together.

Once all your blocks are together, we then cut the tips of the diamonds shaped off to square the tablerunner up.  Now all I have to do is to baste and machine quilt to finish it all up.

Next week, we start an all new pattern in the Journey to Nebula, I can't wait to see what Julie from Jaybird Quilts has in store for us.

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